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What is Governance?

Governance is the process that an organization’s leaders and decision-makers use to achieve its vision, its mission and its goals. To do so, the leaders create an organizational framework that includes its laws or bylaws, and policies. They delegate authority to the organization’s senior management to implement their decisions. Finally, they develop ways to measure whether and how objectives are met within the framework the leaders’ have developed.

Activation Analysis assists the governing bodies of municipalities, corporations and non-profit organizations (usually municipal councils or boards of directors) to:

  • establish, evaluate or change certain aspects of an organization’s corporate, legislative or policy framework
  • develop strategic, financial and sustainability planning and communications tools
  • recruit, evaluate and/or dismiss senior executive staff
  • establish constructive relations with external bodies such as the provincial government, other municipalities, and industrial or commercial stakeholders


  • We have facilitated strategic planning retreats for private businesses such as Fife ‘n Dekel in Edmonton and municipalities such as Strathcona and Mackenzie Counties.
  • We work with corporate boards to strengthen their articles of incorporation, bylaw and policies.
  • We undertake governance reviews for organizations that want to strengthen their board’s or council’s formal decision-making processes
  • We facilitate inter-organizational meetings for joint planning. In this context, we assisted a Capital Region Board Committee to arrive at cost allocation formulas that 25 municipalities would use to share the costs for regional land-use planning, geographic information systems (GIS), housing and transit.